What is the best way to curl hair

Hello, I'm Back With Another Question, Once Again.
Well I Wondering.....What Is The Best Way To Curl Hair, I Don't Like Using Hairspray, I Also Only Have Curling Tongs My Hair Is Medium Length, HELP!!!
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Get your hair wet, and wait for it to be damp and get a handfull of moose and scrunch it with you hair... it really works good and its not that sticky! :)
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The best way to curl your hair is to take vertical sections down the head. Make sure to curl the side away from your face. As for the rest of the hair, I would alternate the direction as this creates a more natural wave/curl pattern. Big sections are fine to take. Once the whole head is completely curled you can separate and create the illusion that it took much longer than it really did. I don't like hairspray either but love Healthy Sexy Hair's "soy touchable". Its made out of soy and has argan oil in it leaving your hair soft and touchable while still providing hold. You can even brush it out and re curl without stiffness or flaking. Its the best thing that ever happened to hairspray!!!
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i would use curlers that i saw on youtube in a video called "taylor swift looks for less" and "how to get taylor swift curls" they work really good and you don't have to use heat. all you do is have almost dry hair and take sections of your hair and twist them into your hair. if this seems kinda hard then watch the videos please!!!
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I would invest in a cone shaped curling iron-it doesn't have a clamp so you decide the thickness and length of the curl by wrapping the piece of hair around the barrel:) Also, do you have any curl assisting shampoo and/or conditioner? I would look out for any curl enhancing products that are light, like sprays. You don't want to weigh down your hair with gels or creams! Also, to keep your hair looking this pretty, I would spray it with a shine spray and keep a mini iron with you for touch ups:) Hope this helps!
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I actually think the best way 2 curl your hair is 2 use a straightener because everytime i use my curler it never seems 2 curl my hair properly so thats why i can always relay on my straightener!
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go to parlor and ask them to curl your hair!!
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When I want my hair to be curly, I split it into eight little buns on my head overnight while it's slightly damp. It tends to look more natural than when you use curling tongs and it stays in better, but I have to admit that even then I use a bit of hairspray! The hair stays curly for up to 3 days! Only problem is you have to leave a gap on the side of your head where you want to sleep, and just hope you don't turn over! Hope this helps! x
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You can also grab your bangs, hold them straight up above your head, and slightly curl them backwards. It makes them look feathery. That's what I did in my picture.
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I like using a straightener and just twisting it or a wand curler. If you use the wand curler, you just twist it around the wand and hold it for as long as it takes depending on the texture of your hair. I hold it for 20 seconds. It looks best if you start higher up at the front of the hair and go lower and lower as you get to the back so you don't lose the length. If you have side bangs, I don't recommend curling them. I usually just use a bobby pin and french twist them back. If you have straight across bangs you can just style them as you normally do. It looks great if you rotate the curls from turning inside and outward (twisting them the different direction). It gives more "depth" and volume! I used a straightener in my picture.
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Pin curls work for me. Wrap an inch thick of damp hair around your finger and then pin the curl to your head. You can blow dry it from hear but it will last longer if you sleep in the curls, they're aren't uncomfortable. There's also rollers, which you can get rather cheap nowadays or you could try bantu knots. They work for me. Search it in youtube :)
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