what is the best haircut for round face?

What is the best haircut for round face?

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hmm i think:
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Make sure that your length is either really short or ends at the collar bone or lower to help elongate the face shape. Adding a light to medium (never heavy) side bang will also help to create more of an oval illusion. If you want to go for a layered look, Go for medium alters to help remove the bulk around the head to reduce the roundness. As long as you follow these tips when choosing a style, your new look ill suit you perfectly!
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Coming from a girl with a round face, make sure you don't go too short and if you do want shorter, make sure you got a stylist who knows what their doing. To be safe, a good haircut would be one like RubyDenise has provided below with that photo of Vanessa Hudgens. Angled banks and layered locks are best.
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The best hairstyle for a round face is one that frames the face and has the hair angling forward to shave off the roundness.
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The length of your hair, should pass your chin with some layers and an angled bang. This creates the illusion that the face is not so round:
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