what hairstylescan i do that are quick and look awesume ?

What hairstylescan i do that are quick and look awesume ?

im sick of having a ponytail for school
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Change the hair constantly to keep it interesting. Implementing braids, buns and bows into your look can be fun and helpful for adding a change to your current style. If you are not quite looking for a different hairstyle, changing your bangs every so often is also very effective. You can go from a straight across blunt to straight across choppy to side swept to face framing to keep onlooker guessing what fun style you will have next. You can also youtube different and easy braiding techniques so that you have plenty of looks to choose from. Accessories such as headbands, pins, flowers and scarves also keep you 'do fun and stylish.
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you can always braid it, leave it down straight, wavy, or curly, you can wear headbands and pins, put it in a messy bun, a side bun, or a messy side bun. when I'm in a hurry and i need to look kind of nice, i make a deep side part, take the side with less hair and make a rope braid around the back of my neck from above my ear, then tie all of my hair into a side bun on the side of my head with the most hair, and it looks darling. you can always try an inside out ponytail, as well
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Also try a super high ponytail for a change:
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YouTube has lots of great quick N eZ hairstyle How-to's
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Try a pretty sparkly headband or a French twist.
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Start by french braiding your hair down one side of your head. Stop braiding about an inch below your ear and then gather all of your hair up and put it up in a messy side bun. It's not as complicated as it sounds and doesn't take long. The end result will look something like this picture.
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french braid into messy bun
Depending on your hair length, try some of the styles below. Headbands can be a cute way to change up your look. The low, messy bun is super easy....just roll into a bun and use bobby pins to secure. The low pigtails are fun and cute too!
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Jessica Alba did it on very sexy natural way :) and she still looks amazing !
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sexy bun
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