What hairstyle would flatter my face?

What hairstyle would flatter my face?

I have a fuller face after having 2 kids and being pregnant w/a third. I am considering bangs and shorter style between chin and shoulders. I need to take better care of me. Currently my hair is mid back and I always have it in a bun or pony tail. I want something easy and practical but also stylish.
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I love the hairstyle that @RubyDenise picked out for you!
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I think you would look great with a side bang, similar to the picture attached. I would keep some length, to your shoulders maybe...it's still nice to be able to pull it back when you're in a hurry!
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I think some of these a line cuts would look cool! http://www.hairfinder.com/hairstyles6/haircut-c4.jpg
Or something like this: http://0.tqn.com/d/beauty/1/0/V/2/1/sheridan_smith.jpg this is a crescent cut with a heavy side part. You could just have the crescent with a small side or a straight cut. I don't recomment side bangs as if you're going to be looking after kids it's not practical if you can't see (I tried having side bangs whilst doing school work. Didn't work)

Or, if you're interested in side bangs try this: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-nlRsokZLUmY/TmhE4-Uq4mI/AAAAAAAACrc/7Jcne_Vndmg/s1600/Short+Hairstyles+Round+face.jpg

Hope I've helped!! :)
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It is very easy to become consumed once having had children. A fun change will not only make you feel more confidant and stylish but will promote more time being set apart to style and maintain your new cut! Because of your rounder shaped face bangs would be very flattering! I would suggest a side swept bang as to not enclose your beautiful face too much. A medium length style would be perfect for you but be sure not to cut your layers too short, as you want to keep a little length on the ends to be able to pull it all up and away for those not so time allowing days!
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I think this hairstyle would look great on you & is very easy to take care of:
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I think you should let your hair out and have it parted to one side, not from the middle maybe 3/4 from one side. Yes to the bangs, but I think with your hair longer it will really capture another look. Try layers and then straighten it then also get some shampoo that adds volume I think then it will look fantastic
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i think this one should brighten your face :)
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