What hairstyle will i suit?

I am getting my hair done in 18 days and I am thinking about getting an ombre dye. Now I'm having doubts as to whether this will suit me or not? What do you suggest? I'm willing to try anything, but I think my heart may still be set on ombre. My hair is just below my shoulders in length, dark brown and I usually wear it straight, however it is naturally wavy.
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i think that u should try step cutting!
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I think ombre would look really good on you and especially if it's something you want to do, I say go for it. It's such a hot trend!
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I personally think that if you dip-dye your hair then it should be long, because the top half that isn't dyed will look like the extent of its length. I really love your natural colour, so I think it will look best if you don't dye it all. Maybe a dark blonde dip dye will look best? If you were thinking about colours, be aware that they fade very fast, and because you have naturally dark hair you will have to bleach the area first so it shows up, so you might as well just bleach it, then you are doing half the damage and the colour will last longer. Also, if you decide to grow your hair longer first, then you can cut off the dyed part more easily if you don't like it! :) x
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sorry, here it is
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This is the color I think will look well on you. The girl on the picture has light skin like you .
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