What hairstyle should i get?

I'm really up for anything, so long as it's not hugely drastic like a mohawk or something! But my hair is in really bad condition. It's fairly long, well below shoulder length but has very short layers right at the top as my hair was burnt by my hair-dryer and is now only growing back. It looks very thin and I want something to make it look thicker. I was considering a bob and full fringe / bangs. Thoughts? Thank you!
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Something close to the photo attached would work.....the light, wispy fringe is not too heavy and the layers would work to give you some texture.
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Here are some ideas for you to consider. I also think you should go to your hairdresser for some keratin treatments, to help rebuild your hair.
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You could definitely pull off a bob and a full fringe. I would make sure the fringe is choppy and not excessively heavy as well as the bob to be cut and a forward angle on the sides. This will lay nicely against your face shape and really flatter rather than inclosing too much and appearing harsh. Another option you can consider would be to keep your length and add very short layers all throughout the interior. I would start the layers at the shortest burnt part and connect them all the way down to the ends for maximum style!
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a perfect short bob is definitely your cup of tea
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