What hairstyle should i get and what colour should i dye it?

My hair is just below shoulder-length with a medium length sidefringe, it's straight with a bit of a bounce. Natural colour is sandy bown with a red tinge. Thanks :)
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i think you should keep your haircolor. Maybe you could get a larger side bang and some subtle highlights to lighten it a little. I hope my advice was helpful
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I think you could add more bang.....possibly more of a side swept bang or even a wispy full fringe. I like the length and color. I wouldn't dye it but some highlights would be pretty.
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I like yours the way it is but maybe add color highlights for wow factor
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You'd look cute with a bob. Keep your natural color, just put a clear glaze over it to shine it up. You don't want the roots & hassle of coloring your hair a your age. Enjoy being young & not having to worry about stuff like that!!!
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u look gr8
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