what hairstyle is best for a long face ??

What hairstyle is best for a long face ??

AS in... my face is really long and i have a long chin as well
I'm just really tired of being called ugly so i wana find a hairstyle that suits me well
PS... I just wanna feel prettier
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Ma_Ria12 is right! Soft whispy bangs will help to soften and camouflage some of the length in your face as will soft face framing layers. Stay away from anything too long or too short as these lengths will bring more attention to your face shape. A medium length would be ideal for you. A few inched past the shoulders would be my first recommendation.
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bangs would look great
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Can you upload a photo? Just remember the people calling you "ugly" are incredibly insecure and immature. We are all uniquely beautiful- in our own way. Focus on family & friends and forget them.
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