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What hairstyle and hair colour would suit me ? want to try something new and better :)

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hmmmmmm lets c .u hv got gud hair but it lacks volume.......so wat u cn u is dye your hair either auburn or mahogany with streaks of red........and if you want to keep them blonde put streaks of pink or electric blue......and get a nice hair cut to add bangs to your hair and i am sure you're gonna love it.....i recommended to a friend and she loved it.......good luck....
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I think you look great but I know how it is when you are seeking a change so I would add a more golden tone to your blond. This would really help to bring out more flattering tones in your skin. I think more layers to give your hair a little umph would look great. Loose beauty waves will help to give off a little more movement and make sure to change your part around from side to side and center so that the hair doesn't get too used to one certain spot and begin to thin out there.
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BLONDE!!! Or light brown!!!!! Straight or wavy I think. Bangs too.
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Taylor Momsen
i love the length of your hair but straight bangs are making a comeback i think u can rock that
and i think a brighter blond would be even better.
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Emma Stone Blonde
Love your hair! You could add some soft layers throughout but I love the length. A brighter vanilla blonde would really suit you!
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Have layers to about mid-length and go a bleach blonde(but not to blonde)and have a side fringe :)<3
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