What haircut should i get?

I have had this same haircut for the past 5 years. I'm going to be a sophmore this year, and really want to look my age.
I've always loved the pixie haircuts but was afraid I would look too boyish.
I'm trying to see if there's a haircut that will make my face look a little thinner. I'm not fat, by any means, but my face looks very round.
Any Advice for a good NEW haircut? (I've always loved short haircuts)
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What a great way to start the new school year... a new look! I would suggest going for a medium short style. Something that is off the shoulder but below the chin as to not add to you naturally round face shape. Angling your bangs a little more and making them more full will help in achieving more style in your entire look. I would go for lots of choppy layers to help crave more movement and style so that you don't have the same old look only shorter. Choppy layers will really create a fun and flirty look that I think would be perfect for your new school year while helping to soften and camouflage the roundness in your face!
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The ladies gave you some great advice! I definitely agree with the Kristin Cavallari look on you. Angled bangs would be great!
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These would look gorgeous on you :)
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Here are some ideas:
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Personally I think you should go for a pixie cut, I think you'll look very pretty and it's something you love, so go for it, I believe you will look your age and you'll feel and look like a new person. Good luck :) xoxo
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