What haircut and color goes with my outfit?

I have a school banquet to attend next weekend and I'm getting my hair done the day before. I've been wanting something new for a while, so I figured, why not a style that will go with my dress?

My hair is naturally pretty straight and I've never done a color change (only highlights) but I think I want to go darker and edgier- think Jessica Stroup circa 2010 [http://celebrityphotos.instyle.com/dailybeautytip/photos/jessica-stroup/results.html?No=1].

My dress is strapless and black with a bubbly skirt that hits about mid-thigh, and I'm wearing red feather earrings and silver shoes.

Any ideas are welcome! (:
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DONT cut your hair they are perfect length but i recommend you to change the colour to strawberry red it will look great on you and it will highlight your face and dress and wavy style or straight
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If you are going darker, I would advise to add a heavy side bang to really draw more attention to the eye area. Adding medium layers starting an inch below the chin would really help to remove excess weight and give more style to your cut. As for the color, a medium-dark mahogany brown would look great and match very well with your banquet outfit!
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That hair style but like a blonde(attached aswell) t will make your dress stand out too :) :) <3
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I would actually go a shade lighter or darker from your natural hair color. If you get it shorter like to your shoulders, try some curles on the bottom or waves. You could also try to braid some of your hair in strains. I think it would look pretty! Good Luck! :)
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i'd go for this but if you're unsure put a temporary dye on then at least you can wash it off if you dont like it! x
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blonde bob
I think a side swept bang would look great on you! Some layers framing your face would be a nice way to change up your look. Yes, a darker color would look pretty.....I suggest trying the "Makeover" tool and trying on some darker shades to see what you like. You could style your hair in a half-up/half-down look for the banquet and add a sparkly clip. A sleek low ponytail would also be cute, leaving some of your bang out. I think the cut in the photo attached would really suit you well.
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I would actually have your hairdresser put a blonde gloss on your hair. Your hair will appear shiny and vibrant, but it will rinse out over a month, and you won't be stuck with any roots. You have to keep in mind, we're going into the summer months, and if you go darker, the sun is just going to fade it out. I would also have your hair flat ironed and wear your bangs to the side-like in this picture. Don't forget to have fun!!!
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