What hair style is best for straight, fine hair, to wash and go?

I am a mom with two little boys in the morning, I have time to shower and that is it. I have very fine, straight hair. I need a suggestion that will make me feel good.
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A fringe cut is great
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french plait along the fringe?
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I think a pixie cut would look good and be low maintenance. Emma Watson looks like her hair is on the finer side, and she looked adorable with her pixie cut. I attached a picture so you can see what I mean. Her hairstyle is in the makeover tool, you should try it on!
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Most styles require some styling to look their best. I know that especially thinner textures, can appear to just hang there if not primed with product and blown dryed for style and movement. You may want to try a pixie cut however and have it done with a razor. This will remove excessive length to have to deal with and usually just required a little styling balm for separation before heading out the door. I thin ka choppy fringe would look really good too if you want to keep your hair longer. That way you could just tie it up and styll have something fun and stylish surrounding your face.
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