What hair cut and style would be good for flat, thin, and long layer hair

Okay so my hair has long layers and is thin. I do not have any bangs but i am tired of it being so flat, what kind of hair cut would or can i get to get more volume on top of crown should i get more layers on top please help me
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Try adding some layers that being about 3 inches below chin-level to give you hair more body. and I think you'd look great with some side bangs!
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Your hair would also look cute in a high ponytail (great for the hot summer days) & pushed forward with a headband; to create more volume.
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Her hair is a different length than yours, but you can see how the bang is working off her part and angled to one side. You get the idea. I would grab a current Hairstlyes magazine for long hair, the next time your at the Rite Aid, but your hairdresser is going to know exactly what it is.
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Ty all for the responses what is a side swept fringe i really need some photos to help me so i can get an idea and take with me to the salon i love all the advice you guys gave me ty
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hmmm... so the side swept fringe can be good for u .you will have gorgeous hair. long hair with layers plus side swept fringe is totally in and awesome! i hope i helped you! good luck!! :D
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Layers definitely help to add a bid more bounce and height to the crown of any style. When no layers are present, even though the hair may be thin, it weighs the hair down really causing added flatness. Layers would really help to give you the umph your style need! I would go for a medium layer beginning at the lip area all the way to the ends.
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My fault. I misunderstood your question. Definitely try the Neem shampoo. Maybe consider a medium length side sweep angled bang. That way you can still pull it back, but it would create the illusion of fuller hair, when you are wearing it down. You could put some hot rollers in it, to give it some more body. Take at look at this styling tool (www.instyler.com)
P.S. I'm glad you were not considering cutting your hair. It looks just like the celebrities, except theirs are extensions-& yours is real.
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Thank you GoodFaith for your advice i love my long hair so i wouldnt want to cut my hair short even though it probably would look good im looking more for long hair style that will fit both my shape of face and texture of it. Do you have any more advice for hairstyles or cut but keep the length long. Thank you again
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One more thing...My mom used to have very thin hair, but when she started using a shampoo containing Neem; which is a herb from a tree in India, her hair became twice as thick and increased the volume.
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