What hair colour would suit me the most?

Hi girls! thx in advanced 4 ur advises! The thing is... I feel like changing my hair colour but i'm not sure if i should make it lighter or darker... I was thinking about putting blak-blue on it... but on the other hand I'd like to make ir lighter aswell and even more now, that im sunbathing a lot this summer it would be a great colour contrast... but I have no idea what to do!! THANK U SO MUCH SWEETIES :)
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I would go for a lighter color because of the time of year. I would not recommend going black for anyone anytime of the year because it can be very harsh as well as difficult to remove or change. I would go for a warm caramel for the accent pieces. You can either add some woven highlights or try the Ombre as well. Both would look great against your current base. I wouldn't go too much lighter than a medium level 6 or 7. Going too light will take away from your hairs shine and luster as well as wouldn't be as flattering against your skin tone or features.
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Don't put blue black on your hair now for summer, it won't turn out nice if you're going to sunbath a lot
i would go for a jennifer lopez kind of color
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I would recommend highlights or a soft brown like the photo attached. I think a lighter shade would suit you very well, especially this time of year!
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i think you should go with a chestnut brown. dark hair would suit you better than blonde but you would still be going lighter.
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I think gold, carmel, or dark blonde would look good.
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Thx @RubyDenise! I love the third one!
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