What hair colour would suit me best?

i have short-med curly hair and i'm bored with it. can anyone recommend what colour i should dye my hair? it's dark brown at the mo. i'm the girl on the left. plus any hair care advice for curly hair would be excellent. thanks!

tl;dr: what colour should i dye my hair? any adice for my hair? i'm the girl on the left.
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I think your color would look great a dark red brown. Make sure to get a gloss to add shine at the same time as it revamps your tint. Ti care for curly hair make sure to only brush it when dry and use a large tooth comb when we. Using a deep conditioning mask a couple times a month as well as a leave in after washing will help keep it hydrated and manageable. Use a heat protectant when using any thermal irons to keep it from drying out and slightly trim the dry brittle ends every 6-8wks.
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Go redhead all the way.
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Go light brown with a few auburn highlights.
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