what hair colour is best for people with freckles

What hair colour is best for people with freckles

im very freckly and had very dark hair naturally i felt it washed me out so went blonder but now looks gingerish
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I have to agree with @mythogirl00. Freckles are natural and seen in every race, so I wouldn't place one hair color as better than another for freckles. Yes, colors closer to red or very pale [if you already have pale skin] tend to draw a little more attention to freckles since the eyes look for common colors or a darker color amongst a lot of similar, lighter coloring.

Go with the color that you like and that suits your skin tone, not necessarily just your freckles. If you feel that lighter is too strong, try adding some lowlights into your hair or darken your base a little and keep highlights of the lighter color you have now.
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maybe a brown because if you have lighter hair it does tend to look like that and black or something will make you look a little washed out like you said. So brown would probably be you're best option. or a dark red that would look nice to cuz i would know, i have freckles and i've died my hair sooo many times., every color.
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Light brown with some highlights would look great. I would frame the face with the golden/honey highlights. Can you send us a picture? Sounds like you need something bright around your face. Try the "Makeover" tool, you can get great ideas for color!
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any color, reallly. Red black brown, blond are just the basic colors.It'll go well with ebony black and stawberry blond, copper red, and rasberry brown. There is a lot to choose from, just pick the one that suites you!!!!
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