What hair color would suit me ?

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You look so pretty Just the way you are!
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I really like your current hair, it's good on you, but if you're looking for a change, do something spunky, like get highlights of an interesting color, like purple or dark blue, so you're still you, with something extra :)
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I think your current color is so flattering on you! Is it natural? It really looks as though it is! If anything, I'd maybe accent it with a few thin strands of a neutral caramel tone but nothing lighter than that. Make sure they are very thinly woven and are places here and there as to not overwhelm your beautiful current shade. Sorry I couldn't suggest anything more extreme but i cant picture anything being this suiting on you!
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I would keep your hair the current color & put a clear glaze over it for shine. You can do this yourself with a box from the drugstore or at the salon.
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Maybe you should try something lighter. I think it would look great on u.
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i think red, orange or black
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