What hair color would look best on me?

my natural color is light brown but about 1 year and 1/2 ago i dyed my hair black it has faded alot but is still very dark and my roots are showing again so its time for a new color.
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Before you can change a thong you must first remove that color stain on the ends. I would suggest trying to budge and lift the ends to match the regrowth first then tone the entire head with something that will blend both in together. A medium neutral brown would be pretty on you. Later on once you have regained health on your ends from the stripping, you can add caramel/golden highlights to your new base color for an added pop of color!
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How about some dark brown colour? Maybe brown chocolate would suit you and you could highlight it in a lighter colour! Remember these colours are really trendy and make faces sweet! Tell me about your choice! kiss :)
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let me tell you that you are very beautiful, and as if it were for me, it would not change color. but you must answer the question, and I think you look fabulous with very light brown hair color, giving to gold.
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If you want to go for something more interesting, try going back to your original colour and dip-dying. This means that your roots won't show, but some of your hair is still a different colour! A bit of advice, though is that bright colours when you dip-dye fad very fast, so try dip-dying bright blonde or black to make a difference! Plus, if you get bored of it you can just chop it off! x
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Probably medium brown with light brown highlights (:
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