What hair color does she have?

whay hair color does she have? will this hair color look good on a warm, medium-dark skin tone? will it make this skin tone look darker? what hair color woul suit this skin tone and will make it look lighter not darker?
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I really like the tones in this picture. They look to be a combination of a neutral medium brown with beige blond. Normally in order to make the skin appear lighter you have to go for a darker color on the hair than on the skin. Although I think this hair color is beautiful, Im afraid it will match too well with your skin tone and not be contrasting enough. Its really hard to say however without seeing your skin tone. For most accurate advise please post a picture for us to see the true tone of the skin and be able to point you in the right direction.
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I would call it caramel and I do think it looks good on medium-dark skin tone. But it won't make the skin look darker. I wouldn't go much lighter than this because few can pull it off well.
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This is a mix of several different colors-one base,two or three different highlights & lowlights. This would suit you, based on the information you've provided. Also consider some of these other choices:
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