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What face shape am i?

I want to use my face shape to pick the most flattering hairstyle but cant decide what face shape I am! Round, square, heart, diamond?
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You are between round and oval. You have a great shape that wont clash with any looks since oval is the most desired face shape.
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Your face shape looks oval.....most hairstyles will look great on you!
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Your jaw is definitely tapered to my eyes.

Your question is to determine which hair style would be most flattering. You don't have any public makeovers so I don't know what you have done. But what I did was to try out different hair colors while keeping the hair style the same, and then I tried out different styles with the preferred hair color. At no time did I worry about the shape of my face - I simply found the most flattering hair style.

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thankyou for all your answers and kind words! oval and heart shaped seemed to be the common answer. i dont think oval is right because ive always thought i had more of a shorter, angular face. heart seems right but i when i smile my jaw is more square than tapered?
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Heart shaped - that jumped out to me when I saw your face for the first time. -- John
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heart ... :)
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i would say you are more of a oval shape!
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Slightly heart, mostly square. Try lightly contouring the hollows of your cheeks, only contouring the outer part of cheeks. Also Apply blush to the apples of cheeks, and then pull back toward toward top of cheekbone. This will give a more lifted effect. I have a very similar shaped face, so thats my routine.
Hope that helps! btw you are gorgous, best eyes ever!
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