What edgy hairstyle is best?

I want a hairstyle that's best. That can be both girl and show a little rebel as well. I preferably want something short. What do you think?
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i think a bob-style is best 4 u!
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cute 4 you
I think you would look great with short hair. High lites can add some edge as well. Good luck!
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something like this ? It's really cool .
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I think fun choppy shorter layers would be perfect you for. This way you can achieve a ton of texture as well as volume and body. I would begin the layers around center of the cheekbones and connect them all the way down to the ends. You might even want to consider taking the ends up just a tad to raise it up and off the shoulders creating a more funky effect. This style would look great with a side swept bang that will also help to achieve a fun and stylish look. The best part about this cut is that you can wear it nice and straight to show off all your new layers or wear it tight and curly to really bring out your new textured cut. Enjoy!
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If that's what you want- then get Halle Berry's haircut with Rihanna's color.
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I think a short haircut would look great on you. I'm thinking even chin length with a deep side part, if you're so brave. I think you could definitely pull it off.
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