me and my boring hair

What dramatic hair color would look best with my skin tone

I'm so tired of my look and I want a really dramatic hair color so that I don't even recognize myself anymore. But I don't really know what hair color would look best with my skin. I want different but I also want compatible. I was thinking a seriously dark blue-black color. What do you think?
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Your hair is perfect but for a new look have your front bangs cut to the side, with layers and maybe a chestnut brown with some dark brown highlights.
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Because of your skin tone, I would go with a more chestnut color. You can go about 3 levels lighter without it looking too harsh against your skin tone. Adding more of a side bang will help to change your look as well. A side part and face framing part would also look really nice. You can even take the length up to about collar bone and angle it a bit so that the front is longer. This will compliment your face shape really well!
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Try a brighter, deep red colour, and maybe do some black highlights...not too outrageous but a really wacky change! I think the black highlights wouls really dazzle those curls!
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Yeah... i totally agree with some of the other comments... try a reddish/brown. I think it really would suit you!
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maybe a black with blue highlights or bronze maybe
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I can see you with a reddish brown color or a deep black, (like Kim Kardashian)! Try using the "Makeover" tool and try on some different colors, you can forward the pictures back to us and we can help you decide!
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Red or black would be fun
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Ok first you have to think to yourself what colors can you wear if you have blue hair? Not many would go with blue hair honestly.. I think a good color for you would be light BLONDE! It would he different and would look great on you! You could also put in carmel highlights later. :)
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