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I really want to dye my hair a different color. I was thinking a red color or maybe a dark brown. I have very fair skin, blu eyes, and dirty blonde hair. So what do you think? Have any other color ideas?
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If you're intending to dye it brown , i suggest you dye it to a light brown . Maybe you can even add in some lighter strikes ! It'll look cool . But if you're intending to dye it red , i suggest you go for coppery-red . Too red would be really harsh on your fair skin .
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If you are looking to go red, I would suggest going a coppery brown. This will help to give you a different look as well as really draw out your beautiful blue eyes and features. Because of your natural highlights, you will have a nice dimensional result with lots of contrast.
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I just dyed me hair auburn brown and outside it looks really pretty and it is amazing color for the summer :)
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I think a deep brown would be pretty but also think you could do some lighter blonde highlights throughout your natural color. That might be a nice, "bright" option for summer!
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I would suggest medium brown. Too dark is going to end up washing out your skin tone. If you go red, it usually washes out quickly, because of the large molecule. It's up to you. Make sure you buy a sulfate-free shampoo so that your color stays in longer.
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