What do you think i should do with my hair

I have had long hair for ages and i am thinking of a change. So i was wondering what you think would suit me?? Thanks :)
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I think that a a cut of 4 inch. would suit you. Maybe even side swept bangs. This would give you a more machure look.
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If you want it drastically shorter then don't have as much cut off as you think you'd like, in case you end up regretting it. My hair used to be really long until i got it cut just below the shoulder and I hated it, and now I cant get it back to it's original length.
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I think long hair is good on your face shape, but maybe make it thicker? I'd say just cut it short like an inch above your shoulders and let it grow down. That way you can see how all the different lengths look at you're hair will thicken too. It's what i'm doing.
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just be careful to avoid blunt cuts, blunt bangs as you have full eye brows...which are beautiful. Angular cuts will make your face pop.
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Very long angular bob would be great for you. The pic below is kinda what i would see on you, but fcrop the back at an angle so it is a few inches shorter in back and wedge up the cut at a 45 degree angle to make it a bit spunky
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Well,I like how long hair suits you and short hairstyle won't be the best solution because of your face shape.Layered hairstyle will definitely look great on you.Look at some pictures above :)
xoxo M <3
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I love long hair so I'm a bit biased! You could take a few inches off and add some side bangs. The cut on Jessica would look great on could even do the same style with a bit more length than hers.
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It looks nice as it is. Maybe you can try some negligent updo with left strands. Personally i also do that. I have got similar hair.
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first of all , you look gorgeous, I will suggest not to cut the lenght but to go for a frange :)
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