What do you think about women who are bald (by choice) and would you do it?

I am considering either shaving my head or going really short. I work outside in the humidity. My hair is naturally fine and fixing it is useless. I want to still look good when I go out so I worry about going too short; however I've seen women who look beautiful without hair. I don't know any men who agree, though.
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you can take my advise go bald. bald is beautiful, you are not your hair.
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As a man who is more open-minded than the average male, I say do it! Don't listen to those superficial long-haired girls who posted. Hair does not define a person. I've seen plenty of stunningly beautiful bald women. It is quite a liberating experience, low-maintenance, and can be fun to try new styles if you decide to grow it out again. You only live once. If you razor shave it, you'll enjoy rubbing your hands on it. Just the slightest breeze is a trip. The bald look can really accentuate your face and can still look very feminine. Large hoop earrings will turn a lot of heads in a good way;)
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shave it and i love you for that.
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I think most women who wear bald heads look absolutely adorable. Im sure most men would feel differently buy thats because it is not a common style that women decide to wear so they are simply not used to it. I think bald heads make a statement and quite a beautiful one at that. You have a beautiful face and features so Im sore it would look absolutely beautiful on you. Just make sure you are really ready to embrace it as most people will probably do double takes and have their opinions. If your hair is natural you could even donate it to the Locks of Love foundation to help someone in need. That would be such a great gesture and give even mre meaning and significance to your new statement haircut!
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who cares what men think? i personally would not go bald, because people may, in fact, assume i have cancer or have had a similar disease, and that would attract unwanted attention. i have seen some very cool bald ladies, but most of them were the masculine rocker types. a short bob or a quick pixie cut would be a great idea, too :)
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dont shave your head...but you can try these short hairstyles.
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Do not go bald, just go short. If you're looking to meet a man, the bald look will make you very undesirable to them, unfortunately. I would suggest buying some dry shampoo. You could spray it in your hair a couple times a day and it would combat the effects of humidity somewhat-It's worth giving it a shot. Here are some cute shorter cuts for you to consider:
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I wouldn't recommend going bald because of all the negative connotations associated with it, such as illness and cancer. You really don't want that to be the first impression people get of you. Very short hair can work as long as it complements the shape of your face. For you I would suggest a pixie cut with some volume at the top, shorter sides, and side-swept bangs.
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I would not recommend shaving your head bald, (but that's just my opinion). Yes, I agree that some women can rock the bald head look.....there are just so many cute "Pixie" style cuts that would look darling on you and be easy to wear and maintain. I love the cut attached and I think it would be a great look for you!
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