What do you guys think of Permanent blowdry? Additionally, getting a hair color?

What do you guys think of permanent blowdry? additionally, getting a hair color?

I have very long and thick hair. If I get a hair color done, I might lose my hair. Do you think i should get it done?
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Yes, I am referring to Brazilian blow out. Has anyone tried the Brazilian blow out treatment?
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YES to permanent blowdry - is this like a Keratin or smoothing hair treatment? DEFINITELY NO to color if it's going to make your hair fall out.
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Ummmm... NO!!! I dont understand why you'd lose your hair if you color it though. Im a little confused by the title and the questions but blowout services are amazing when done correctly!
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Hair color will not cause you to lose your hair unless you use it wrong and damage your hair. Then it must be a severe misuse to cause hair to actually break off and fall out. Now is you get the permanent straightener and combine that with a color change you could risk having a lot of breakage. In any case it is best to go with a professional for both of these services.
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Millions of women have their hair colored & it doesn't fall out. I'm not sure what you're talking about. Have you already done a lot of chemical processes to your hair??? By permanent blowdry, are you referring to the Brazilian Blowout?
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