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What do i do to make my hair a lot longer?

i want it to be passed my breasts please help!
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Extensions are always great way to enhance length instantly. If you are looking for more of a permanent fix, Make sure to trim your ends frequently (every 4-6wks) to remove and dry and split ends. Taking hair vitamins or prenatal vitamins works quite effectively. Also make sure to invest in a good hydrating and stimulating regimen of shampoo and conditioner to promote blood flow to the scalp helping to promote quick and healthy hair growth.
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my hair grows really slow and is about the same length as yours. ive heard that massaging your scalp for about 10 minutes averyday works well, but it wont make a huge difference. also try the shampoo mane and tail (i think thats what its called) it was originally used for horses but it is very popular for humans too. although it is pricey. also there are vitamin you can eat.
good luck :)
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mane and tail
Adding extensions might work.
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you can't do no shit, fake extensions maybe
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Take liquid silica everyday (you can find it at the healthfood store) & give yourself a 10 minute scalp massage everynight before bed. There is also a shampoo called F.A.S.T available on Amazon that is clinically proven to grow your hair faster. If you need it to be longer, really quick for a special event, I would recommend hair extensions of some kind. They have inexpensive temporary ones these days.
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use hair grower shampoo or eat nutritious foods to haste make your hair longer in a short time
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take good care of it and just treat it like its a real thing just give it what it needs x
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