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What colour would suit me?

I would like some highlights in my hair soon so what colour should i have and where?
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It appears as though you already have pretty naturally highlighted hair to begin with so if anything, perhaps just a few foils (3-4) around the face to brighten it up if you are feeling a little washed out. Refrain from doing too much as this may give you too light of an overall appearance.
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You're so lucky to have such beautiful blonde hair naturally. Most woman go to the salon and pay a lot of money to have their hair turned to the color that you were born with. If I were you, I would make my own natural hair color enhancement at home. Brew some water with 4-5 chamomile tea bags. After it cools off, pour it over your hair in the shower. This will give your hair some natural highlights for a buck or two. Just remember to use a dark towel to dry your hair afterwards.
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veryn light brown with caramel highlights
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yeh i agree with @ForeverMe11
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perhaps ash-blonde? Most blondes look good with brown hair aswell, so perhaps a chocolate brown?
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TRy some honey blonde highlights
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