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What colour will my hair turn? :s

I have ash/dark blonde hair at the moment, it isnt dyed and this is my natural colour. I really want lighter blonde hair, i a light honey colour NOT bleach blonde. So if i dye it at home with permanent dye, the colour i want, will it turn that colour or will it go ginger? is there a different colour i need to dye it first? i havent dyed my hair before so im not sure
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Alana Blanchard speaking anyways blonde blonde ewww with that haircut it will not suit you AT ALL bye
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I think it shouldn't be too difficult getting your hair to a slightly lighter shade of blonde (it's usually going from, say, a darker brown to blonde that's more difficult generally). If you're doing it for the first one, I'd recommend going to a professional. Good luck!
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If you want to dye your hair at home to save money, you can always go to a cosmetology school in your area, and they will color it for very little money. You can also lighten/brighten your hair at home using water mixed with some squeezed lemons or chamomile tea. Brew some hot water and steep 5-6 tea bags. Wait for it to cool off and then pour over your head in the shower. Make sure to dry your hair with a dark towel or it will be stained. These are some natural, inexpensive options for you to try.
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Because you are going from a blond to a different toned blond but staying close in level, there is no need to do any other steps other than applying your target color to the entire head. I think a golden blond would look great on you and flatter your skin tone well. You can even leave out pieces throughout the head for a more demential result.
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It Will LOOK NICE as a brunet
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