what colour should i put??

What colour should i put??

i have a bit longer dark brown hair i am 1,70cm tall i have brown eyes full lips and a bit ticker brows!!
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I love ombre right now! Try Khloe Kardashian's hairstyle in the Taaz Makeover style :)
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It is kind of hard to give accurate advise without seeing all your features. Key features that will help determine the best color option for you would be skin tone, undertones, current hair color, style etc. I would suggest re submitting your question with a photo attached. You can also experiment on the makeover tool and post a few of your fags for us to vote.
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Are you looking to change your hair color? Can you upload a picture for us? Golden blonde highlights are always a nice option if you're looking for a change. A picture would help us give you better recommendations. The "Makeover" tool is a great place for you to get started!
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