What colour should i dye my hair?

I've been wanting to go blonde for a while, but I'm not really sure that would suit me, like an orangey blonde. That's me in the picture by the way. My face looks like really ---ty cause I'm not wearing any makeup (and I'm sick) but I just wanted the hair for the picture, and didn't feel like getting ready just for it. I'll accept any colour. Kay, thanks lovelies!
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thanks everyone! my mom said dark reddish brown, like Lindy from 'bubzbeauty' on youtube. i adore her, so i'm like now thinking that'd be cute. hmm... opinions? ^-^
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What about blonde highlights like Nicole Ritchie's? Hope you feel better!! You look great without makeup!!
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I think you could get away with going lighter. Make sure to weave in some caramel toned lowlights to break it up and prevent it from looking too bright or harsh. I would go for more or a beige blond. Orange or copper undertones will look too artificial and harsh.
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I don't really think orangey . Maybe a dirty blonde or a medium brown ? Orangey blonde seems a little too harsh .
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I think you would look good either as a darker blonde or even platinum to be honest. :) No orangey though!
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I think a dark golden or honey blonde would suit you very well....You could also try an "ombre" look like Drew in the photo attached. By the way, you look great without makeup!
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I would suggest dark blonde.
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