What colour should i dye my hair?! need replies asap.

I would like some opinions, Suggest some colours for me, what'd be suited, ive been blonde before? maybe a red ? Need some answers asap. the colour in the photo is a bit lighter then my natural colour,
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and this.... Eye color can also help you determine whether you have warm or cold complexion. You do not want your hair color diminish the beauty of your eyes, right? If your eyes are green, golden brown or hazel colors without anything other than brown or gold, it's probably warm your complexion. Gray and blue, not surprisingly, like dark brown and black, probably belonging to a cool skin tone. If your eyes are hazel, but they are interspersed with some of the aforementioned cold colors such as blue, then you have a cold complexion. Hope it'll work <3
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Your natural colour is the one or mabye the one on the foto.For example, if your skin has a rosy color, not paint it red. Instead, add color to reduce facial redness. If your skin has a yellowish tone that you do not like, it will not be appropriate if you add more yellow or golden shades of hair, but should soften the yellow complexion and add other colors to complement the existing hair color. The good news: there are indeed a lot of colors and shades that complement your complexion.
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I reckon a darker brown would look awesome on you! It would really bring out your complexion.
Or you could go crazy and dye it really dark purple, it actually looks pretty good! My friend did it and she look amazing!! (Her complexion is similar to yours)
You could also try black. I think black suits most people and it would definately bring out the colour of your eyes.
Hope this helps! :)
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A darker brown maybe like 2 tones darker than black
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I love that dark brown color on you! Really warms you up and boosts your complexion - makes you look tan!
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I would suggest a brown that is a few shades darker. Make sure to keep the warm undertones so that the dark doesn't not clash with your skin tone or become too dark.
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Really you have a nice skin tone that would suit any color i suggest a dark blonde with bright blonde highlights yuo will look nice and your skin will pop
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You are very pretty!! I think you would look great as a blonde or redhead.
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In her 20's from Gold Coast, Australia

Brown eyes, normal dark to deep skin, reddish brown middy curly hair
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