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What colour should i die my hair ?

i am going to the hairdressers on thursday and am still caught up on what colour to dye my hair. i don't want to go to different from my colour now but still want a change. what should i do ?
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thanks everyone for your advice :) but i really dislike foils as well ! haha i love the whole one colour hair look ! but i will sure use all your advice for tomorrow :) thanks again xx
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I think a few strawberry blonde highlights would look great.
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I like your color the way it is now... Maybe just get some highlights to make it stand out a bit
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I think your current color is beautiful and can understand why you would not want to change it too much. I would simply enhance your already beautiful color with a semi permanent gloss. This will not only really enhance but provide high healthy shine as well. You can also add a few strands of a light copper to heal pop it and give off a bit more dimension as well.
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If I had hair like yours, I would have it colored like J.Lo. Put a few light blonde pieces in front.
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wow thanks ruby! i was thinking to go a medium browny-red. I'm scared to go blonde, plus i really hate the regrowth !
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