What colour of hair is best for my skin?

i want to change my hair colour. l like honey foam, caramel , nutshell etc. i want such kind of colours but i cannot decide.
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i think any of those would look beautiful on you. try the makeover tool, and upload a picture of yourself instead of using the models, so you can try a very basic few colors to see what kind you'd like best
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I would go for a more dark caramel as I think this would compliment your skin tone better than choosing a lighter tone.
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try these.///
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hair light
Well , by looking at your skin tone, i would suggest you to go with a dark brown tone like:Mila Kunis. Look at your photos and you`ll know what im talkin about.
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What is your natural color? The "Makeover" tool would be a great place for you to start, you can try on different shades to see what you like the best. A light, golden brown might be a nice shade on you!
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