What colour her should i have?

i want it to be like cheryl cole but i dont want a big change as im only 12 lol x
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Maybe start with some highlights around the front.....a golden blonde or carmel color would suit you and add some brightness.
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Because of your age, I would recommend discussing this with your mom first. Ask her, if she will take you to a hair salon. Bring pictures of Cheryl Cole with you, and show the hairdresser exactly what you want. Then I would ask for either a gloss in that color or a semi-permanent hair color. Both of these will rinse out after a month or two. If you don't like it, then you're not stuck with it.
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I like your hair that color personally. And since you're only 12, maybe wait for a few years before starting to change the color. ;)
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just focus on my skin and eyebrows my hair looks lighter there then it actually is
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