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What color would look best for my hair?

I have been thinking about dying my hair blond, but I am unsure at which color , if any, would look best?
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I think the color in the makeover attached to this photo really suits you well. I really like the way the strawberry blond flatters your features and skin tone! great choice, Go for it!
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I think you should dye it blond but have buttery caramel highlights to soften the whole look. x
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Your such a pretty girl you can almost get away with any hair color, but I would suggest staying away from really light blonde colors. As ruby suggested the warm tone in this picture goes well with your skin tone.
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You could pull off a dark brown I think
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Looking at your profile pic, I don't think you should color your hair. It's already such a nice color. Just put some blonde highlites in the front. Then you won't have to spend a lot of time & $$$ on the roots.
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@melissamurphyfate I always wait at least a year in between colors ever since I bought the wrong kind of dye to die my hair bright red and had to re dye it back to a dark brown. I finally got my hair back to being healthy a year and a half later. I have two options. Option A) go to sally's beauty supply a buy a 90 volume creme and the mixture packets. option B) buy about 5 pre-mixed dye kits and gradually lift the color out without it turning red.
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you could totally do blonde just be carreful on who you choose to do it. I would 100% go to a professional for blonde. theres soo many things that could go wrong with the process, but if you go to a professional you guarantee yourself to look great when you leave out the door. is your hair virgin or have you had it colored in the past year?
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I think it looks fine as it is ! if you dont like that id probably say golden blonde. something around that would look nice in your hair .
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