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What color to choose

i really would love to be a blonde, but i dont know if i could pull it off... what do you think... or could i pull off caramel highlights better ? :/
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Caramel highlights would be gorgeous on you!!
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I would definitely do carmel highlights, that would look so pretty on you! The highlights will really brighten up your look and may be all you need for a touch of blonde!
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i lthink u can pull it off just dont go to much blonde people will think ur very passive and kind of slow
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I think you should start with the highlights and take it from there. Going blonde is a huge change, so maybe taking it one step at a time will allow you to get used to the color and find one that you really like. Plus you'll get a chance to see how it works with your skin tone.
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yh u shold go for a blond it would suit u :)
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Carmel highlights would blend in too well with what your currently have. I think you have the right idea with going for a highlighted effect but think you should add a golden blond to your pre existing base. This will not only flatter your skin tone, but also give you the blond feel that you seek.
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