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What color should i dye my hair?

I want to do something different with my hair. It has been the same style and the same color and the same cut for far to long, and this summer I want to di something completely different. I want to dye it, I'm just not certain on what color, and I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks! :)
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A reddish brown would look very pretty on you. You could also opt for carmel highlights. The color in the photo attached would be stunning on you! For style, try more of a side bang with some layers and bring up the length a bit. You should use the "Makeover" tool and play around with different styles to see what you like!
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What about an allover tint? I think an auburn tint or a brown tint would be very lovely!
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I think youshould do the Ombre technique on the mid lengths and ends with a neutral caramel tone. Adding layers to connect the bangs and the ends would look great and really show off your new color.
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red is very pretty (:
try to make some lights also
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Here is the pic (i messed up trying to get it on the same one).
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Ugly, but for a good cause.
I think you should cut your hair to about two inches and perhaps do a perm. But not a big one. Make it about a big wavy/curly hairstyle (this gives is the volume effect) and dye OR highlight your hair one shade lighter than your natural hair color. I am just using this pic as an example for YOU.
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Cut it shoulder length then dye it brown with red highlights or cut it into a bob then dye it brown with caramel highlights
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I would go with some caramel Hi Lites-Like Jennifer A. Coloring your whole hair is a bigger commitment of constantly chasing the roots. I think your hair would look great with a modern side angled bang.
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