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What color should i dye my hair?

I am thinking white, or deep red, or maybe ash dark blonde? Help me I SO don't know...:(
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I love the blonde in the 3rd picture below.....the brown looks really good too!
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Thank you do much everyone.. Maybe I will attach couple more photos to show you how I look.. My hairdresser told me that my light hair is so damaged that she would recommend going darker, maybe to my natural hair color and give some light highlights ... See the photos and please advice more, I so appreciate it girls!
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I think the blond looks really good on you but if you seek a change, I would go with the red over the ash because of your breathy skin tone. Ash would bring out too many green undertones and would not look flattering at all. I would go with a deep red or even copper for a fun new look . These colors would bring out more bronzy warm tones and really draw attention to your fabulous skin!
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