What color should i dye my hair?

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I really like the way the blond looks against your features but it could stand to have a little more depth. I would suggest adding in a full head of medium lowlights to add some dimension while breaking it up at the same time. Once those are processed and you wash them out, add a nice beige toner to your blond for a few minutes to add shine and tone as it is a tad too bright for you. You can also do the bottom half on the hair with the same color as the low lights to create a more natural and soft look.
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Ash or Light Brown...
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What is your natural color? Hmmm....not sure I would recommend dying your hair. I think a light brown with some golden blonde highlights would be pretty and natural looking.
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Is the hair color in the picture, your natural color?
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I think red is the perfect colour for your hair :)
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