What color should i dye my hair?

So I recently got my hair highlighted and I hate it. It may look ok in the picture, but in person it is a streaky mess. It was supposed to be a little lighter but definitely looks like a shade of grey in person. I plan on dying it with a BOX this weekend... What color should I dye it? Is there anyway I could dye my hair but not have it one color? I want to dye it DARKER so maybe a deep brown or auburn? I have green eyes, don't let the picture fool you. Any tips on how to not screw it up completely dying it with a box? Thanks!
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All the hair wont take evenly because some pieces are now more porous than others. Make sure to mix with a 10volume and leave it on no longer than 10 mins. You may even want to strip the hair rapidly before applying color. This will help to remove the current toner (grey hue) so that the following toner will take true and not be compromised. Yu can also go back to the original stylist if it hasn't been longer than 2wks. Most stylist will fix it free of change within that time frame. I think a coppery chestnut would be a create contrasting tone for you!
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If you color it slightly darker to tone down the highlights, it should be pretty simple to do. I'd say go for a medium brown or the auburn. good luck!
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I think you would look gorgeous with a dark color but with a reddish tint. If you never dyed your hair before, I recommend you do it with someone who is familiar with the process. If not, then you should splurge and let a professional do it!
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Auburn would be a great color. I think bc the highlights are a different color that when your dye job starts to fade you'll have 2 different colors in your hair.
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If you want to color your hair at home, I am assuming money is an issue for you. Seek out a cosmetology school in your area, and have them color it for you. They are generally open on Saturdays. The prices are reasonable, probably $20-$25 for hair coloring. Then you would have the expertise/advice of the instructor. If you try to do this yourself at home, you could end up making it worse.
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