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What color should i dye my hair?

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ifi was you i would get some highlights like a red but not rockin' red or i would dye all of ur hair like a strawberry blonde
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I like the overall tone, just some highlights would give it more body. I think dark blonde highlights or even red ones would look great!
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I LOVE black on you. I have attached a picture for you to see. If you wanna go lighter I think a copper colour is really nice too.
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I don't think you should go too light because you have a great natural color. I would say just a couple shades lighter, if you're wanting a change.
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You can even leave some thin pieces out of your current tone to act as lowlights!
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i dont feel blonde would look good..just because my eyebrows are so dark and i don't want to dye those! haha
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in my oppinion i would dye it like a blonde color...since you have such a pretty face that could have any hair color look good!!LOL....btw i wasnt trying to b an insult by the lol with the blonde hair thing!!!
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pretty blonde
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