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What color should i dye my hair ?

I was thinking white... But then how about deep red? Or maybe the ash brown/ blond would be flattering the most? .... I don't know please help :(.
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My hair was that colour after last summer (spent alot of time on the boat) I added some golden reddish highlights to warm it up. Will be doing the same after this summer too.
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You're super pretty! :) I think you can def pull off the color you just mentioned. But I really like your current color!!!
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i like your hair the way it is but if i wanted to dye it i would go for deep red i'am sure it would suit you :)
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I wouldn't do white.....I think the ash brown/blonde would look great on you. I attached another option for you!
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i love it the way it is :)))
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White will be was too harsh on you really washing out you skin tone. The maintenance would be difficult to keep up with and the integrity of your hair would be compromised. I wouldn't suggest it!
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light red, or strawberry blondish
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I would suggest you put some pearly white highlights in the crown of your hair, rather than dying your whole hair. When you dye the whole hair a really light color, you will have to deal with the regrowth almost immediately. If you're not sure what color to go with, try out the makeover section on this site. Then you can see the different haircolors against your skin tone and facial features, and see how you like them.
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