What color should i color my hair? ♥

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I think your current color would look great with sone light caramel pieces in throughout. This will really help to give you a sun kissed glow perfect for summer. You can also go for an Ombre style where the mid lengths and ends are are lighter than the roots. This is very stylish and trendy right now and would be very flattering with your coloring. Make sure to not go too light as it will be too much of a contrast. A dark beige blond would be as light as I recommend if you go for the Ombre. Any lighter would be overwhelming and will pale you out too much .
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you should try auburn or brown layers with caramel highlights!!
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Your hair is so pretty, if you're looking for a change try some dark carmel highlights. A deep reddish brown would also look pretty on you!
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try a brown or a reddish brown it would compliment oyur eyes and your cheek bones
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i have blonde highlights but i feel like i should try something new :)
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hi you have the most beautiful hair!! if you wish to dye it i would go for a dark dirty blond with blond highlights to give a summery glow, good luck xxx
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your hair is a lovely colour already - wny not get some copper lowlights in it?
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