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What color hair would look best on me?

I need to re-dye my hair because my roots are getting really bad. My hair is naturally darkish blonde... I would love any advice and thoughts you all would have.
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If you are looking to soften your look and reduce the amount of maintenance you require I would go for a the Ombre technique. This will still allow you to keep your blond surrounding the face but will really cut back on having to touch up the roots. If you are not a fan of that look you can always going and soften the line of demarcation by adding in some light lowlights. This will break up the regrowth and add diminution to your blond. You can also tone the blond with a beige blonde shade to refresh the ends and eliminate unwanted brass.
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So overall, would you suggest brunette or blonde?
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Nicole Ritchie's color would suit you fine. I would also suggest going a little shorter. Make sure you wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, or the color will fade out quickly.
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@GoodFaith, Yes my skins gets tan in the summer. Kind of dark actually. And my eyes are green most of the time and they change to blue some of the time.
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i think you can make bangs and highlight you hair
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