What can i do differently with my hair?

Ive had this hair style for a while now. Im looking for something to spice up my senior year of highschool. any suggestions are welcome! thanks
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have you considered side-swept bangs? I think that'll look really cute on you! Add some big waves, and you've got a whole new look!
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bangs for sure! you have heart face shape so that will suit you.
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i think u r look like natalie portman a bit
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You are so pretty! How exciting it will be to be the big man on campus, you will definitely need a new style to celebrate. I would go for face framing layers beginning at the mid check connected all the way down to the ends as well as longer layers all around beginning at the back of the neck. This will allow a lot more soft movement and texture witting your gorgeous goldilocks. This Kim K when she was a similar color to yours in this picture!
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Great hair! I love your look! Without changing the style, your hair is perfect for trendy hair pieces and head bands. You would look great with a full fringe if you want a totally different look! You could also change the part and add a side bang.
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Here are some more hairstyle ideas. They only let you put 4. Design flaw, I guess. Just threw the snake in for fun.

Click over the pics to make them bigger:
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Depending upon whether or not you want to hang onto the length, here are some styles that would look good on you:

I'd like to give you some advice I wish I had before my Senior year. Get your hair/makeup done professionally for your yearbook picture. Mine didn't turn out very good. My hair looks really bad in mine and I am wearing a suit, where my shoulder pads are pushed forward. You're not going to want to look back at the picture when you're 30 & wish it didn't look that way.
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