What can I do about my hair?

What can i do about my hair?

My hair is short. Almost like a golden strawberry blonde something, but it's messy. It's always frizzy and neither straight nor wavy. Not to mention always dozens of flyways. I wanted to grow it out, but how would I pull it off?
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trimming the ends prevents fly away hairs..,its based on my experience!then,constant condioners..try garnier avocado conditioner,it repairs frizzy and damage hairs!moreover,once a week do hair deep condition using natural coconut oil,olive oil or aloe vera.....try to check on my article..I posted one about hair damage!:-)
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Make sure to trim your ends regularly (every 4-6wks) to remove only the bare minimum and what needs to be cut to keep the hair healthy and stimulated to grow. You may also consider getting a keratin treatment as these help to eliminate all the problem you mentioned plus replenish the hair with keratin, which is what our hair is composed of making it more healthy which really helps in the fastest hair growth. You can also take hair vitamins found at any local health food store to speed the process up as well.
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First, start by washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Then when you're in the shower, squeeze the excess water out of your hair, & make your final rinse with cold water. Then work an anti-frizz serum in to your hair. You can pull your hair into a bun for a sleaker look. I would also recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase. They sell them at Bed & Bath for about $5.
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