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my friend coloured her hair dark brown months ago and it faded a little bit and she decided she wanted to go blonde which is her natural colour so she got a colour stripper and then bleached her hair blonde but its gone yellow blonde at the roots and a bit of red blonde at the rest of the hair what should she do cause the colour she wants is like the one in the picture
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just go to the hair dressers, if you dye it from home it will just damage the hair even more!
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She would have to lighten only the warm ends once again to match them to the roots then use beige blond toner to make it look like the picture. Because it is hard to apply only to the ends without overlapping onto the already lightened ends, She may want to let a professional do it. If bleach accidentally gets on the already too light roots, breakage can occur causing tons of fly away short broken hairs.
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I agree with Denise and Goodfaith. You will def need professionals to complete the job. Try and get it cheaper if money is a problem.
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I agree with Denise on this one, you need to have a professional take over. You will need his/her expertise at this point, to avoid causing serious damage to the hair. If money is an issue, locate a cosmetology school in your area through YELP or Yellow Pages, etc. Their prices are very reasonable & they do a good job. I have my hair highlighted for $30 and honestly, it looks just as good, if not better than the expensive salons.
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