Virgin hair... which color to dye it?!

Hi, I'm 20 and have never dyed my hair before! To be honest I really like my natural hair color... it's a darker brown with mostly gold highlights and some red. I'm a clear winter... with green eyes and light cool skin with pink undertones. Also, my eyebrows are naturally very dark... almost black! I just think I want to lighten up the color a bit for the summer or any other suggestions, or even cuts... I will gladly take!
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Your hair is perfect no need for dying just add some lightbrown highlights. Cut you hair in layers with a suitable fringe cut advised by the hairdresser.
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I love your current hair color/style as it is! But if you are thinking of changing it up, try a light tint that is one shade lighter than your current hair color. You can also try adding more layers starting chin-level and down.
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I really like your natural tone as well. If you are simply looking for a slight change to brighten it up, I would go for the Ombre look keeping your current base at the roots for easier maintenance. As for the cut, I would add a little heavier bang connected to some face framing layers as well as medium layers all around, starting at about the chin ( or a tiny bit lower). A shorter heavier bang will really draw out more attention to your beautiful eyes!
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If you have never dyed your hair, I would go with a henna, because that will not damage your hair, the way real hair dye would. In fact, it's made from plants and it's good for your hair. You can purchase it on Amazon in a shade you like, for about ten dollars. A good brand: SURYA Brasil
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Thank you so much, girls! I have thought about the honey brown... but carrotstar, you make a great point about the roots being super obvious. I don't want that! I've also thought about highlights before, but as you said, I'm very picky about them looking natural and seamless and not chunky. I'm going to my hair stylist tuesday, and she's great so I'm not too worried she'll mess anything up. Any more suggestions or tips, keep 'em coming! :)
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Oh, and don''t go too pale or after a week or two your roots will be really obvious! Maybe some highlights slightly lighter than your natural colour would be a better option... But if you do go for highlights, get them done professionally and make sure they aren't too clumpy. To look natural you want them to blend with the base colour! Hope this helps! x
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I really love your natural colour, and I think that if you fancy a change go a shade or two lighter than your natural colour. Maybe a more adventurous cut like a long bob and full fringe would suit you. Are you one of those who happily straightens their hair regularly? x
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Agrees with @Caitkin491 !
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Judging by your face, I think you would suit a honey toned hair, it would really
show off your beautiful skin. Your hair looks lovely as it is, but this would be a real trend setter!
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honey coloured hair

from Pittsburgh, PA

Green eyes, combination light skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) straight hair
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