To dark?

do u think i can dye my hair a dark brown or am i to pale
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Thanks ladies I would of never thought to darken my brows :)
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You can go dark but make sure to go with a warm shade. Going too neutral or cool will make your skins red undertones really shine through. I personally love the watt the blond looks on you. If you seek a change, I would go a full head lowlights before a solid color to reduce shock factor and ease your watt into a darker base Remember when it comes to harm it id really hard to remove dark dye and damaging if you overlap
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Brown would look really pretty on you....I think a light-to-medium brown would suit you well. Make sure to deepen your brows too!
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your colour is now perfect ;)
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I would suggest a light brown or medium brown instead-but I guess you could go darker and use a bronzer to warm up your skin tone; if necessary.
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dear i would say highlights
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As in leave it blonde? I've been blonde my whole life looking for a lil change what do u think will look good for a change if u think the blonde looks good?
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well dear i really like your hair colour..and since you have a pale skin and blue eyes than this colour is perfect for you..:))
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